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Johnny Rowlands and Steve Parker, a.k.a. Major Miles, became the first tag team traffic reporting duo in Kansas City when in 1990 they began providing "Double Team Traffic" on 980-KMBZ Radio. In the 25+ years since, they have built a reputation as one of the longest running, most well respected and trusted traffic teams not just in Kansas City, but across the nation.


Sadly, over those years, both Major and Johnny have witnessed the tragedy of horrific collisions that have claimed countless lives, many of whom were young teenage drivers. From observing those, Johnny and Major realized they had a unique perspective on what causes wrecks, and even more importantly, how to stay out of one.


They also realized that perspective could be of great value to new drivers, and that teaching driving students how to stay out of wrecks should an important part of any driving school curriculum. Not just causing a wreck, but avoiding other drivers as well. After all, isn't the definition of a safe driver someone drives in a manner that keeps them from running into anything? And since that's the only time damage or injury can occur, isn't staying out of a wreck what it's all about?

With that in mind, Double Team Driving School was born, and Collision Avoidance became the cornerstone of their curriculum. By teaching some simple, common sense strategies that could vastly reduce the likelihood of being involved in a wreck, Johnny and Major knew they could give their students an unprecedented advantage over other drivers. We call it the Double Team difference.

At Double Team Driving School, we consider teaching people how to drive not only a worthy cause, but an even greater responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously, and with Collision Avoidance as our focus, we feel we offer the most comprehensive approach to producing safe drivers. And for us, that is what it's all about.


Now With Two Locations

South Location - 151st & 69 Highway

Historic Old Stanley Bank Building

7590 W. 151st St.

Overland Park, KS 66223   (Map)

North Location - 76th & Metcalf Avenue

Oakbrook Plaza

7620 Metcalf Avenue

Overland Park, KS 66204  (Map)

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